Health Benefits


Are Known for disinfectant properties. Also used to treat toothaches and to reduce inflammation.

Black Pepper(Kali Mirch)

Are Known for anti-inflammatory and improve blood sugar control. Also high in antioxidants.


Are known for to relive stomach problems and heartburn. Also improve breathing problem.


It Stimulates the cardiovascular system. It also increase concentration. You can use this for stomach problem like diarrhoea and nausea


This can be used to reduce the risk of gallstones and is also an inflammatory.
Turmeric having curcumin properties and its boost your immunity.


Helps to stimulate heart and circulatory system. Also known for its ability to reduce inflammation.


Coriander seeds(Dhaniya seed)

It is used in aid to digestion. it is also known alleviate migraine headache.


Garlic (Lehsun)

Is thought to prevent heart disease, stroke and hypertension


Star anise(Chakrafhool)

It is use as insect Repellent and also fights with Viruses and Flu.


Bay Leaf

Bay leaves having ant-diarrhea, anti-inflammatory, and ant diabetic activity are used for the improvement of the immune system



This is used for bloating and cramping. It is also useful in treating bronchi



It is known as one of the nature’s strongest antiseptics. It also contains sedative components and it is believed to lower blood sugar levels.